Sounds on the town

For one of my final design projects as a student I was assigned to brand a fictional non-profit, and then provide various design collateral to help promote the cause. I chose to create a non-profit called “Sounds on The Town” to help fund struggling music programs. I decided to go with this direction because I was heavily involved in my high school music program, and I know how tough it is to get proper funding. The cause would help music programs team up with artists and local venues to put on concerts to raise money.

App Design

For this project I designed an android app where people could easily find events in their area. Since my demographic was targeted towards 18-25 year olds I thought a mobile app would be appropriate. I decided to design an android app because I had just discovered the android design guidelines which are extremely well put together. Following these guidelines helped sharpen my mobile app design skills, and gave me information on mobile design best practices.

Web Design

I had been wanting to design a web UI that was closer to an app like design than your standard brochure site architecture, and this project fit the bill perfectly. My main goal for this design was to create something that would be easy for people to interact with. I achieved this by cutting down the verbiage on the site to practically nothing, replacing any words that I could with icons, and creating a simple user interface with clear calls to action.

Skills Used

App Design
Brand Identity
Print Design
Web Design

Website Screens

sounds on the town website screens

App Screens


Print Collateral